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African-American Music Appreciation Month

Black Music Month was inducted by President Jimmy Carter on June 7, 1979. President Barack Obama renamed the national observance as African-American Music Appreciation Month. The month-long observance during the month of June was created to recognize and celebrate the historical influence African-Americans have had on the music industry. It’s …

National Museum of African American History and Culture
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The Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is the only national museum devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture. It was established by Act of Congress in 2003, but it took decades of efforts to promote and highlight the contributions of African Americans. …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Art

Art collection can be a very stimulating and inspiring hobby or investment.  It isn’t just for the rich and famous, but for regular everyday people, too. If you’re just beginning to collect art, there are various forms that you can choose from: paintings, drawings, and sculptures. It doesn’t matter which …