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Cachét is an upscale, social publication that targets the affluent, middle-class, and professional African American community. Cachét exclusively covers the social, corporate, and professional scenes of the African American community in the Chicago market.

Cachét magazine is a new and refreshingly different kind of local publication. It highlights the “good news” of the African American community and celebrates its successes. Contemporary and stylish, Cachét is designed to provide extensive coverage of African American professional, business, nonprofit, philanthropic, social, and cultural events.

Editorial Focus

Its local editorial focus is well-tailored to provide comprehensive coverage of galas, corporate receptions, professional networking events, foundation fund raisers, cultural activities, benefits, nonprofit activities, and corporate-sponsored events. In addition to covering social events, Cachét provides regular features on fashion, culture, interviews, home design, neighborhoods, sports and dining.

The word “cachét” means a “distinctive mark,” a “seal of approval,” and a “stamp of individuality.” Therefore, the title Cachét embodies the personality and high standards of the magazine. Cachét is distinctive, classy, and influential.


One distinguishing mark of Cachét is its exceptional graphic design. Colorful and visually appealing, Cachét’s signature look is packed with dozens of photographs of local events. Cachét is produced in a sleek, glossy 10 x 12 inch format. This format offers the best quality for editorial content, photographs, and advertising.

Each issue loyal readers will rush to obtain their copy of Cachét to get the latest news on social events and see quality photographic recaps of events. Readers will identify with Cachét because it is a publication expressly for them and about them. Instead of always reading about untouchable, national celebrities, Cachét will offer readers the opportunity to see and read about their own peers; the local movers and shakers, celebrities, and other notables.

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