According to a report released by The New York Times, there is a trend in upward mobility for Black people in the country. Here’s a list of affluent black communities in the U.S. that have majority Black populations and residents:

1. “Black Beverly Hills” California

includes four (4) neighborhoods Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills and View Park. Residents are predominantly African-American and many of the homes are valued upwards of $2 million. Over the years, scores of black celebrities have lived in these communities.

2. Mitchellville, Maryland

is an upper-middle-class African-American community in Maryland. The average family income of this town is $118,022. It offers its population access to excellent public schools, which boast high test performance and a graduation rate of more than 80 percent.

3. Fort Washington, Maryland

is an upper-middle-class Black community, which borders Washington, D.C., just south of the downtown district. It is a prosperous community with a median family income of $114,243.

4. Kettering, Maryland

is a thriving African-American community in Prince George’s County, Maryland with an average family income for this town is $107,008. Kettering has a population of 78.5% Black people.

5. Olympia Fields, Illinois.

The village has the highest black homeownership rate in the country among majority-black cities. Olympia Fields is one of the wealthiest and best- educated black-majority municipalities in the country. The median household income is more than $100,000.

6. Woodmore, Maryland.

is a suburban community in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It is an affluent African-American town with a median family income of $103,438.

7. Friendly, Maryland

is an upper-middle-class Black community in Prince George’s County, Md. Friendly’s average family income is $82,827.

8. Hillcrest, New York

is middle-class Black community in New York. The median family income is $76,960.

9. Unionville, New York

is a middle-class predominately Black community in the suburbs of New York City. The average family income is $76,553.

10. Wheatley Heights, New York

is located in Suffolk County, and 54.6 percent of its residents are black with a median income of $84,258.

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